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This might be really hard for your inner people-pleaser to hear, but not everyone is your perfect customer.

It is not the job of your brand to convince every single person who happens upon your web site to click that buy button (whether it’s the right choice for them or not.)

The duty of your brand is to attract the clients who are the right fit for you and send the rest on their merry way.

Controversial, I know.

Do you really want the clients who aren’t the right fit for you?

These forced relationships end up looking a little like this:

Every decision gets questioned. Your working styles don’t jive. You struggle to see eye to eye. No one is happy with the final product. You feel like you’ve wasted your time. Your client feels like they’ve wasted their money.



Imagine instead that a potential client (or customer, ’cause this goes for you product based businesses as well) happens upon your website (through Google, a referral, or a stray Instagram post). They have an immediate gut reaction. It’s usually something to the effect of, “hey, I like what’s going on here, I’m going to take a look around”, or, “wow, this is not for me”.

Either way, you’ve won. You’ve either pulled in your kindred spirit and soon to be much loved client, or you’ve redirected a lovely person to find what they need in a place that’s more suited for them.


Boom: they’ve just self-selected.


You have given them enough to go on by the feel of your brand (and presumably some amazing content), to decide for themselves whether or not working with you is a good idea.

And that person moving on to another entrepreneur to meet their needs is not a loss. Because in this situation, everyone has gained.

The key to building a brand that allows people to self-select is unapologetic authenticity. When you put yourself out there, what people see should be exactly what they get. No surprises.


Not sure how to build an authentic brand that leads you directly to the clients that will love and adore you, and return time after time to sing your praises?

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