Today, we’d like to share a project by fellow Betty and all around amazing lady, Kara Snyder.

Her goal is to create a large-scale art installation to inspire a change in conversation about how we think about balancing obligation vs. desire in day-to-day life.

kara says:

“In my perfect world, I’d put myself out of business because women would be living healthy lives spiked with passion and slathered with joy. Women wouldn’t be internally bathing themselves in stress hormones or tossing & turning at night over obligatory tasks. You know, the tasks that should…must…need to be done…without consciously evaluating why that task is on the list on the first place. It’s a world where women are crystal clear about what they can realistically handle without burnout. It’s a world where women decide if things are (like Derek Sivers wrote) a HELL YES or a No. It’s a world where a No is assertively communicated without guilt. There would be less tears, less anxiety and less depression.”


Other women seem to be down with this vision, too. So far, Kara has received a couple hundred lists from all around the globe including Australia, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom and 11 different states here in the U.S.


About Kara and her Project


BB: For our readers who don’t know, who are you?

KS: Hiya, I’m Kara. The short answer: I’m the unconventionally resourceful, former bean-counting, pixie-sized vital cœur of vital corps.

You see I’ve made a long career of turning around chaotic, stressful situations. I’ve done that in different capacities over the years – as a consultant on high-profile bankruptcy cases, as the Controller of several early-stage startups and for the last 7+ years as a health + lifestyle strategist who works predominately frazzled, Type-A women. (C’mon, it takes one to know one)


BB: Can you describe your project for us?

KS: Outside of the client-facing work that I do, I’ve started The 33k Task List Project. My mission is to collect 33,000 handwritten task lists from women all over the globe to change the conversation about obligation and desire.


BB: What motivated you to start this project?

KS: For over 7 years now, I’ve been privately helping women connect how their lifestyle choices affect their physical health and overall sense of joy. Then, we come up with a turnaround plan.

It’s work I find deeply fulfilling and creatively satisfying. Yet, I’ve always wanted to make something with my hands. The closest I’ve ever come has been making coffee and donuts at Dunkin Donuts in high school or printed spreadsheets in the working world. I just never knew what to make that didn’t feel forced.

Over the years, more and more women have been coming to me because they feel frazzled, overwhelmed and physically spent from this seemingly unrelated constellation of vague symptoms. So often we’ve had to chisel away all of this shouldy, shitty obligation before we could identify where the cracks in their foundational health existed. And there’s nowhere that shouldy, shitty obligation hides in plain sight more than a task, or to-do, list.

These two ideas had been criss-crossing (mostly in my sleep) for many months. Often, it was waking me up. As I made getting out to see more art a priority, the dots started connecting and coming into focus faster. It also woke up a love of paper crafts from childhood and found object art from my 20s. It has introduced me to the idea of upcycling.


BB: What you hope to achieve?

KS: From a sky-high perspective, what I hope to achieve feels gigantic, yet fairly straightforward:

Collect 33,000 handwritten task lists from women


Kara Snyder Task List Project, Business Betties


BB: How can our readers help?

KS: If you identify as a woman, please send me your trash – specifically your soon-to-be-discarded, original, handwritten task list.

The mailing address is:
Kara Martin Snyder
vital corps
PO Box 1322
New York, NY 10018

Hell, stuff an envelope with lists from your female family members or female coworkers or mommy group members or female friends from your house of worship. I’m serious.


All sorts of other ideas and frequently asked questions can be found here:


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