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There was a time when picking a web font was easy, mainly because you didn’t have many choices. It was either serif or sans serif, Georgia or Arial.

With the introduction of web fonts, the selection process has become a little more… complicated.

But think of all the joy that web fonts have added to our lives. No longer chained to a handful of font choices, we’re now able to express ourselves and our brand freely. No more cheating- turning our text into images because we REALLY wanted to use OUR font. (Can we talk about how bad this is for your SEO?) Now that web fonts are in our lives, we really can just type and go.

My go-to place for web fonts is Google Fonts, for two big reasons: they’re free, and they’re easily compatible with WordPress (we already talked about why we like WordPress so much: here.)

Refresh Your Website With Google Fonts | Business Betties

Just because we gave you access to over a hundred free, licensed fonts, doesn’t mean you can run off and forget about your brand. If your brand font is in the Google Fonts library, then score!, this part is easy.

If not, my strategy is to find a font (or fonts) that match your brand as closely as possible. It may take a little while to sort through the over 800 fonts available; but it’s a worthy task to keep your brand strong and healthy.


Bottom line: Using custom web fonts is an essential way to make your website look polished and professional. Paying attention to the big a little details of your brand makes an impression on your clients.



Do you need a little professional help incorporating Google Fonts with your website? Send us a note, we’re here to help.