Photo Courtesy of Better Than Stock.

Gone are the days of needing a super expensive fancy camera to take quality pictures for your blog. I mean, phone cameras have improved SO MUCH within the last few years, that unless you’re a professional photographer, investing in a high-end camera just doesn’t make sense.

Armed with a smartphone and a few handy dandy photo taking tips, you have all you need to be capturing (almost) professional quality images for your website.

Using Your iPhone to take Blogworthy photos, Business Betties, lighting


Let’s get one thing straight: Natural light is best, your flash is the devil. When setting up your photo, look for ways get outside in the sunshine or near a window.

Now that we’ve established that, here are a few more pieces of wise lighting advice.

Don’t stand in front of your light source… unless you want to see your shadow in the photo.

Make sure your subject isn’t placed directly in front of your light source. That’s how you end up with a blinding angelic glow. And not in a good way. Don’t go toward the light.

Using Your iPhone to take Blogworthy photos, Business Betties, lighting


Blurry, out of focus photos are one of the biggest offenders we see in the book of bad phone photography. Here’s how we get nice clear images:

  1. Keep your hands steady.

Either prop your phone on something solid while you’re taking the photo, prop your hand on something, or if there’s nothing else around, hold the phone with both hands. Don’t move the phone until after you’re sure the camera has caught the image you want.

  1. Back up

Most smart phones are not equipped with macro lenses, so getting really close to something isn’t going to help you see it better, it’s just going to make it blurry. Back that phone up until things come into focus.

  1. Tap it

If you’re using an iPhone, on your screen, tap where you would like the camera to focus. It could be on a person’s face, or on a specific object.

Using Your iPhone to take Blogworthy photos, Business Betties, composition

Composition is just a jargon-y way of saying “what’s in your photo”.

When it comes to composition, pay attention to your background. Not only are busy patterns a no-no, but other things you may not want in your photo that are a pain to edit out… Strange strangers making even stranger faces, heaps of trash, tangled electrical cords and outlets.


Just because a photo didn’t turn out one hundred percent perfect with a single press of a button doesn’t mean it doesn’t have potential. Simple things like cropping and basic lighting adjustments can be taken care of right on your phone. The newest Apple iOS has extensive photo editing capabilities, plus there are many excellent editing apps available (which will be sharing this week with our email subscribers).


Need some photos for your blog or newsletter and don’t want to go through the hassle of becoming a smart phone photo pro?

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