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When it comes to web design, development, and content management, we worship at the temple of WordPress.

Call today’s post a top five list (Sorry Letterman, we’re not coming up with twelve), of reasons why love WordPress.


1. Our clients can easily make minor changes to their site

We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it can be to decide upon the tiniest change to your website, maybe adding a sentence here, or changing a price there, only to have to be held up by your designer’s busy schedule. Sometimes a week or two can go by, and a nominal fee or two, only to make to adjust a few minor details.

Changing information in WordPress is as simple as using Microsoft Word. Log into your dashboard with your username and password, click on the page you’d like to edit. Select the text you’d like to change, and replace it with your new content. Update your page and be on your way.

Free, fast.


2. Search engines love WordPress too

WordPress websites, especially those with blogs get higher rankings in search engines. (We know you want to come up on the top of everyone’s search, right?) Those web crawlers naturally have an easier time of it, because of WordPress’s structure, and if you want an SEO double-whammy, install a WordPress plugin such as Yoast.


3. Endless Design Options

Many plug and play content management systems have a one size fits all look to them. There are limited amounts of templates available, which leaves most peoples’ websites looking somewhat similar.

In addition to there being thousands of WordPress themes out there, WordPress is also extremely customizable, using add-ons called plugins, and professional developers even have the opportunity to customize code to get you exactly the look and function you desire.


4. No Monthly $$ Commitment

While you may pay a designer to create your WordPress site, after you make your initial investment, you’re not responsible for making monthly payments. Many build-your-own website services have monthly fees ranging from $15 per month to $100 per month.

Figure out which works best for your budget.


5. Easy Integration with All of Your Business Tools

You have a lot of elements working hard for your business online: social media, newsletters, e-commerce, and customer relations software, just to name a few. WordPress makes it possible to connect all of these pieces so that you can do things like share your blog posts to Facebook, let people sign up for your weekly newsletter, purchase your latest ebook, or simply connect with you and build a relationship.

It does that with those plugin things we talked about before. Think of them like the apps you use on your phone. Instead of spending way too much time doing all of these tasks separately, allow your website to work smart and automate your workflow in one convenient location.


Do you have a WordPress website? What are your favorite features? Anything we didn’t mention?



Aren’t ready to tackle building a WordPress website on your own? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Send us a note and tell us all about your business, we’ll take it from there.