We love the one page website. There is no easier way to plant your flag on the internet and let your future clients know you exist and you want to work with them. Today we’re showing off Gifford PR’s website and letting you in on our creative website design process and what makes a one page web page standout among the rest.

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Easy to Read

The easiest way to lose a potential client or buyer is for your website to be unreadable and I mean that in several ways. If you have awful fonts and lousy spacing making your beautifully written copy literally unreadable then customers are going to move on with out knowing how fabulous you are and what greatness you can provide for them.

The other offender is poor copy, leading to someone reading the first sentence of your copy and moving on to competitor that they can understand and who they think will understand them. Using Gifford PR’s already exceptional copy we used Open Sans Light as her paragraph font making it a breezy read getting to know all about what she is all about and can do for you.


Web Design | Public Relations | Business Betties

Clear List of Services

Erin had clearly identified the top six services that she wants to sell and we organized them into a short and sweet, to the point list. The makes it easy for her audience to read, lets them know what she does and how she does it without overwhelming the reader with lots of unnecessary text but enough to pique their interest and start a conversation.

Web Design | Public Relations | Business Betties


Social Proof

Social Proof is defined as the power of influence and trust built upon the testimony of peers or fellow customers and adds credibility & trust of a product or service. It’s shows who you’ve worked with and the fact that they love your service or product. It can be a powerful tool if you have many examples social proof to show and convince potential clients how awesome you are. Gifford PR’s social proof encompasses the four focused markets that she works with – travel, hospitality, tourism and travel technology.


The Power of Visuals

In addition to social proof, when clients can see your success in print or on the web by popular, respected, and accredited outlets, it can be a powerful thing. It shows them you have, or in Erin’s case can create, buzz about your product and service enough to be written about and recognized by those in and out of your particular field. It also backs up the social proof – your clients love you because they are getting the exposure, sales, results, etc, that you say your business can provide.

With Gifford PR we showed visuals that add to her social proof by showing that she does her job well and gets the media coverage and word out her clients need on mainstream and field specific outlets covering a multitude of different readers.

Web Design | Public Relations | Business Betties


To Captcha or Not to Captcha

You may think that Captcha is unnecessary or a pain in the ass for potential clients and followers signing up for your newsletter or submitting a project inquiry, but the benefits outweigh the tiny extra step to take. First off, you won’t get bogus robot followers. Sure it would pad your numbers but in reality your posts, offers and general awesomeness is being seen by a robot who, let’s face it won’t be buying or using your services. Captcha is an easily installed plug-in. Captcha choices range from a  very simple check in a box, a simple math problem or something a teensy bit harder – writing the numbers or letters that appear in small photo. We went the simple math problem route for Erin so that all her contacts are legitimate and she doesn’t waste her valuable time on spam.


Web Design | Public Relations | Business Betties

Love what we did for Erin at Gifford PR? We can do the same for you, jusk ask!