Ever have that unsettling feeling when you are about to leave your office or a friend’s house that you are forgetting something? You go through a list in your head – keys, purse, phone – and leave seemingly having everything. It’s only then do you realize that halfway to wherever you are going that you left without giving her the book you borrowed or the contract that you needed to proof? What if you were forgetting something crucial to your business website – multiply that feeling by 100x, right? Here are a 6 things to make sure your website has so you don’t get that icky forgetful feeling.



This may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how some business will throw together a one-page website with their basic information along with a basic, read: plain and boring, website design. I’m sure you’ve seen websites of businesses or organizations that you just don’t take seriously because of the poor design or lack thereof. If you’ve gotten as far as putting up a website for your business take the time to develop a brand, as basic as it may be, and pick your colors and fonts. The time you take to invest even minimally in your branding will pay off with customers who take you seriously because you took your branding seriously.


Easy to Navigate

Your website should make it easy for a potential client to find out what they need, whether it be your contact information, past work, testimonials, how to contact you – all things we’ll talk about more in a sec.  If you have a multi-page website make sure it’s intuitive and user-friendly, meaning there aren’t five sub menus to get someone to sign up for your newsletter or know all the services you provide. Along with ease of navigation comes the ease of reading a website – simplify your text! Edit it down enough to provide a comprehensive, clear view of what you provide without going into all the minute detail that a customer will get once.


The Good Stuff

Keep the most important information on your home page, above the fold i.e. before anyone has the chance to scroll.  This will ensure that your call to action, or hook, is the first thing clients will see and how to take the next step. Within a few seconds, they should know what you provide, get a feel for your business through your branding and photos and know how to contact you for more information.


Easy to Contact

Make your contact information stand out and be obvious. Hell, set up a template that all they have to do is fill out their name, email and a “I want to talk to you about…” subject line. Be slightly obnoxious with your clickable links. Connect those links to your social media or another facet of your business.  You want people to contact you about projects, with questions, or see to more of your work.  The harder you make it to get in touch with you, the more likely is that a client just won’t and will move on to the next in their search.


About Your About Page

This page (or section, if you have a one page site) should have photo. Ideally a headshot or picture of your team would be the best. You could also go with a stock image that conveys the essence of your business. Some stock photography sites cater directly to women businesses, like Better Than Stock, #shamelessplug. With great photos you get the “She looks like someone I can work with” or “That’s a quality photo, she/they look polished and professional” as opposed to “It looks like they took that on their iPhone on a dim day with no filters.”


Testimonials &  Social proof

Having one or both of these things on your website can help to boost your credibility. With testimonials, would-be clients can hear from actual clients what you’ve done for them and how happy they are with the work or product you provided them. Social proof does the same thing but uses the status of an entire business to back your credibility. Having the social proof (the logo of) the companies, blogs, websites, magazines, or TV shows that your company has been featured on provides powerful evidence that you know what you’re doing and have delivered, big time.


Is there something that we left out that you think should absolutely be on your website? Let us know!