So, remember about a month ago, when we sent you a flood of invitations to our Build Your Own Betty event? Well, that happened. If you couldn’t make it, we totally missed you. If you joined us, we had a blast partying with you!

The Build Your Own Betty event was networking the way that we always wanted it to be- with delicious food, signature cocktails, and true meaningful connections.  Oh, and people ended up learning stuff too!

Business Betties- Build Your Own Betty Event

We were hosted by the wonderful SkinCatering and our Featured Betty, Leanne Sedlak.  We booked the spa specially for the event, and transformed the space with strategic splashes of pink- pink flowers, pink balloons, pink drinks, pink swag. Suzanne rocked the pink hair, and I wore my signature (pink) cardigan.

The Betty family really pulled together for this one! I provided design advice, Suzanne offered business portrait sessions, our stylist Bonnie Aunchman, helped guests figure out the mystery of their wardrobe. Our marketing genius, Angela Lussier gave women a 5-point marketing plan.

Business Betties- Build Your Own Betty Event, Suzanne Larocque

Just to make the evening extra special, we had to add a level of extravagance. Leanne’s staff offered a delicious and relaxing hand scrub and massage, and our Stella and Dot stylist brought the bling.

It was a fancypants, swinging event that left us exhausted at the end, but lady, it was totally worth it. People have already been asking us when the next one is happening.  Our default answer- “after a long nap and a stiff drink.”

Business Betties- Build Your Own Betty Event