MO – Modus Operandi

1. A method of operating or functioning.  2. A person’s manner of working.

You’re not the first person to struggle with their branding. Over years of working with entrepreneurs we’ve met enough people to see first hand the branding woes that people find themselves up against. These budding business owners have just happened to nicely divide themselves into five major personas. Today we’ll introduce them to you. One or two might sound a little familiar.

Is this you?

1. The Penny Pincher

You’re thrifty and resourceful. Your budget is so tight, you’re pretty sure that, on occasion, you’ve actually heard it squeak. You’re all over anything you can get for free. Cash is only being diverted to the essentials, and paying someone to help you with your branding isn’t one of them.

Our Advice: Your time is valuable. If it takes you 10 hours to put together social media graphics, create a rack card, and design a worksheet for your client, not only are you frustrated, but you’re spending your time on things that don’t make you money. Multiply those ten hours by your hourly rate to find out what your design is really costing you. You might be saving money by hiring a professional.

2. The D.I-don’t know what I’m doing

You’re scrappy and self motivated. You like getting your hands dirty and are willing use a little elbow grease to get your business looking it’s best. Problem is, branding isn’t your strong suit, and you admittedly have no idea what you’re doing.

Our Advice: Check out for creating great graphics in a snap. They supply all the templates, so there’s very little opportunity for your efforts to go astray.

We’ve even shown how to use one photo to make multiple graphics for your brand, using Canva. Check it out here:

3. The Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

You’ve got a business to run! People to meet! Ideas to get out into the world! How does anyone expect you to sit around and deal with things like font choices? You see why branding might be important, but who has time for things like that when they’re busy taking over the world?

Our Advice: Try spending 15 minutes per day working toward a piece of your branding. Maybe you need to create graphics for your upcoming blog posts. Set a timer and when it goes off, save your work and come back to it the next day. Within a week, you’ll have something you can use and be proud of.

4. The Butterfly

Focus has never really been your forte. You’re pulled about by your whims, in life, and in your brand. Things look a little disjointed because you have a hard time committing to things like color palettes and fonts. How can you tie yourself down to just one look when there are so many beautiful options to explore?

Our Advice: Develop your brand guidelines and stick to them! Not even sure where to start? We’ve created this handy guide to help you with choosing fonts, colors, and we even supply you with action steps to get the ball rolling.

5. The Rockstar

You’ve got this branding thing down! You’ve done your work, invested in your business, collaborated with professionals, and it shows. Your challenge is to continue the beautiful brand you’ve created.

 Our advice: Keep doing what you’re doing! It’s obviously working.


Tell us in the comments below- which persona fits you the best? How do you think it’s hindered your branding efforts in the past? What changes do you plan on making to your MO?