A logo design for a wine app? Of course! How exciting! We do, after all, LOVE wine.

Our minds immediately jumped to a lovely palette of deep red and black. And then we shifted it in a completely different direction.

Why would we veer away from a pair of colors obviously SO PERFECT for any wine related brand? Because everyone else is using the same colors. And we mean EVERYONE. Here, do a quick search for wine logos. You’ll see what we mean.

Our challenge with this project was to create a brand that said “wine” without relying on the overused cliches.

Business Betties | Branding and Logo Design Portfolio

The final logo was heavily inspired by the bottle. That classic bottle green- which immediately makes you think of glass, paired perfectly with the rich golden hay color of a crisp chardonnay.

And yes, red and black do make their way in here, but the proportions have been entirely flipped. Most wine brands use these tones as their dominant colors. Here they’re only accents.

Business Betties | Branding and Logo Design Portfolio

Our font palette began with the artisanal and distinctive font, West Coast Lettering, which we used in the logo. After that, it was all about echoing the brand personality, but essentially having a very neutral grouping.

Only one statement font per brand, please. After that it’s just gaudy.


Continuing the brand: Business Card Design


Our clients had a very specific idea on how they wanted to use their business cards. Our directive was to design a card that could be written on.

After all, when you’re networking like an entrepreneurial rock star, taking notes is helpful. You’re meeting a lot of people, talking about a variety of things, and when you follow up the next day (like all skilled networkers do), you want to be able to remember who each person was, and what you talked about.


We loved working on this project, and as you can see, the feeling was mutual.


“Wonderful creativity with great results. And we’ve already received favorable feedback on this new branding.”

Jon and Mary Schoonmaker


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