How do you create a brand and design a website for a woman focused organization and make it feminine, but not girly? That was our challenge with this project.


The Project:

Our clients, WIT (Women Innovators and Trailblazers) came to us in need of a look for their new organization. Only in existence for one or two months before approaching us, they had already developed a clear mission and vision, and had collected feedback and ideas from their 50+ members on just the way this brand should look.

Requests included: not girly, no pink, maybe a flame?, cutting edge.


WIT Logo Design: Case Study - Business Betties

Our Approach:

From integrating the bold yet feminine color palette throughout the site to using stock & client photos from the organization itself to the composition, our focus was to resonate and reflect the overall brand and values of our client so they in turn can connect with the audience they seek to reach out to/connect with. Adding the flame they requested was just icing on the wonderful branding cake we made for them.


WIT Branding and Website Design : Case Study, Business Betties




By using soft yet bold colors, we achieved a feminine look without the feel and dominance that a deep, rich color scheme would present. We chose easy to read fonts that were dynamic and sharp yet a little bit clean with a soft edge, but not the overly loopy, cursive, wedding calligraphy fonts that can scream “we’re a chick site!”



WIT Website Design: Case Study - Business BettiesWIT Website Design: Case Study - Business Betties



Incorporating Images

We also used photos showing diverse women collaborating to reflect how WIT sees themselves; which is a group of dynamic women blazing a trail in Western Massachusetts for entrepreneurial women to define and fulfill their ambitions.


WIT Website Design: Case Study - Business Betties


The Result:

By carefully considering the mission and message that WIT wanted to convey we created a bold, inspiring, cohesive, woman-centric site. Colorful, a dash of femininity, and a little bit of fire.

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