Business Name:  Aunchman Events


Aunchman Events is an Event Styling Company specializing in creating fun, creative and stylish events for your social and corporate occasions. We specialize in creating custom dessert, breakfast and food/beverage displays – specific to your event, personality and brand.    We take away the stress and time away from planning and let the focus be on your friends/clients having fun at the event.

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What inspires you?
When researching and styling an event I look at pattern, texture, and color in all disciplines including what’s trending in fashion, home decor, fabric, floral, food & beverages, the luxury paper/stationery industry, as well as music and “pop culture”. That being said, some clients don’t want a “what’s hot now” event – they want “vintage” – and we do that too. My inspiration for that . . . Brimfield Antique Show.

What is your motto?
I have ALOT!    Can’t narrow it down to just one. Well before the interest in Pinterest and the “Inspiring Words” Boards and “Words to Live By” quotes in fun, graphic layouts, I collected them –    (for years now!)    I keep them on my computer desktop to remember and guide me at times. The one I most relate to and listen to is “She Believed She Could So She Did”. I know it really is a simple thought. I believe I can…so I do:) It really is what guides me. Belief. But it helps to “Be Brave” too.

What’s the one tool you couldn’t live without?
I couldn’t live without my “Styling Kit”, but if I had to take just a few tools out it would be my Exacto Knife and Illussion Thread. They really are “tools of the trade” to a stylist.

Featured Betty | Bonnie Aunchman | Aunchman Style


Featured Betty | Bonnie Aunchman | Aunchman Style