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TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS is an online lifestyle magazine for families living in the Springfield-Holyoke Metro region. The e-zine is dedicated to celebrating the opportunities for raising a family in the cities and for suburban families to visit. BYOFamily believes in urban parenting as a lifestyle and wants to make it accessible for anyone – whether someone is a resident or a visitor.

Featured Betty | Katie Stebbins | PublisherQ&A

What’s the best part of owning your own business?
I have more control over my life and my own economic production as a citizen. What I produce is mine and I am very proud of that. I am also able to assemble a team of colleagues to work with me who I trust and who I know are compatible with my personality. I simply feel as though I have much more control over my life and my career.

What is your motto?
Lead with your heart.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I skate on a roller derby team which consumes a substantial amount of my time – but it keeps me balanced and healthy. Roller Derby also connects me with a social group that I don’t have to work hard to connect with. Three days a week – there they are! This wonderful group of hard (hitting) working women.

Featured Betty | Katie Stebbins | Publisher

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