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How excited are we to be working with the B Bar in their new blogging series- the monthly post link up? (Very excited, just in case you were wondering.) Each month, the lovely ladies over at the B Bar will be providing a topic which a few bloggers will be weighing in on. What this ends up being is a great way for you to get introduced to blogs that you’ve never read before- and to hear from us, on possibly topics we might not usually cover.

Work / Life balance has always seemed like such an elusive goal. You have no idea how much time and money I’ve spent on apps, books, workshops, and webinars all promising to hold the secret to achieving that precarious state of Nirvana where you feel completely sane and everything on your to-do list is taken care of.

I’ve come to the conclusion that perfect work / life balance does not exist. Phew. Talk about taking off the pressure.

What does exist is flow.

There will be times when your business or career will demand slightly more from you. There will be others where you’ll need to devote more of your hours to your friends and family. You may check in with yourself one day to find that you’re feeling a little run down and should be spending more time on self care.

Chances are, these things won’t balance out on a day to day basis, but when you look back on your month and tally up your hours, hopefully you’ll see that you’ve been able to spread your time well between the things in life that really matter to you.

However, if that’s not what you’re seeing, it may be time to do some reevaluating.


How to get your life back into a state of flow


1. Document your time

For a week, keep a journal of how you spend your time, including the time you spend on social media and doing favors and errands for other people.

2. Identify your priorities

What are the things that are really important in your life- your non-negotiables? Is it time with your family and friends? Creating a fresh and healthy meal every night? (Make sure that self care makes it somewhere on your list.)

3. Compare notes

Compare your list of priorities to how you’re actually spending your time. A few questions to ask yourself:

Am I wasting time on things that aren’t important to me?

Am I saying yes to things I don’t have time for out of a sense of obligation?

Are there things that are priorities in my life that I haven’t made time for?


After having this really honest moment with yourself, you’ll most likely see where your schedule has some space for give and take. When you cut the things that aren’t priorities, you’ll have the time and energy to accomplish the things that truly matter to you. (And if that’s binge-watching the latest season of Scandal, we totally aren’t judging you.)

We want to know in the comments below: What is your take on work / life balance? Does it exist? What do you do to create flow in your life?


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