There are so many articles out there telling you about all the stuff you’re doing wrong– why some company’s new logo is the worst thing ever, and why another company has failed at life (when it comes to their marketing, that is).

You won’t find those articles here, cause we’re not those people (though we all have our days…).

Instead of being a big ol’ Grinch, we decided to call out the businesses we think are doing it right. Those are the people that we need to keep our eyes on; the ones who will challenge us to up our game, instead of the ones dragging us down.

We get that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but we do like the idea of doing some type of yearly gift for your lovely clients. It could be at the end of the year, or in the middle of July.

The point is this: you’re creating another touch point­– an opportunity to create a connection. You’re showing gratitude and creating a special experience. All that could be enough to trigger the thought- “Hey, working with that person was awesome. I should give them a call.”

That’s what we all want, isn’t it?


The size of your gift all depends on the size of your business, how many clients you have, and the amount of money your clients spend with you on average. We’ll give you a few options today that should scratch everyone’s itch.

The end of the year is the perfect time to connect with colleagues and soon-to-be clients. You don’t have to spend a ton of cash on sending a gift, sending a beautifully designed email will do. The trick, as shown by Dwell Studio, is to keep the text to a minimum, and put your razzle dazzle in the pictures. (Read our post on how to pick stock photography if you get stuck here.) Invite people to connect with you. It can be as simple as directing them toward your website, asking them to give you a call, or putting out a special call to action or sale.

 Business Betties | You're Doing it Right: Holiday Cheer Edition, Branding and Design Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

If you have a large client base but the average amount that these clients spend with you is low, sending a card might be just the right speed. It doesn’t have to be the default red, green and reindeer prancing deal. Instead, design a card based on your brand colors, and do something clever like designer Amanda Jane Jones did for her client, Samantha Gregg. There’s no better time to reflect on your successes and toot your own horn than the beginning of a new year. Your clients and colleagues may have no idea how awesome you’ve been rocking it unless you speak up. You’ll soon discover that everyone loves to work with a success story!

Business Betties | You're doing it right- Holiday Cheer Edition, Branding and Design Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

For those of you that have a steady stream of bread and butter clients that have passed the $100 mark- a small gift is the way to go. Spending $5-$10 per client on something thoughtful and a tiny bit novel. No chip clips, fridge magnets, or mouse pads allowed. Sorry folks, these things go straight to the bottom of a drawer. If you’re going to spend time and money (two very precious commodities) on a client gift, it best be something that gets some attention!

Take a look at this client gift from Lost & Found. The company worked with a local chocolatier to create a custom treat ties in with their core value of innovation. If you send a client gift, big or small, don’t forget a note! It can be on a branded note card, or a special holiday card. Pay attention to your packaging as well, because your packaging can make or break the experience. Use tissue, ribbon, wrapping that coordinates with your brand.

Business Betties | You're doing it right- Holiday Cheer Edition, Branding and Design Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

You always have those few clients, they’re more than bread and butter. They’ve come back to you repeatedly, and spent at least $1,000 with you. They deserve more than an email or a card, and a $5 item doesn’t seem like enough. Diablo Media has put together a pretty nice treat for their top clients. Branded copper mugs, custom letterpress coasters, and tasty cocktail recipes. Why this works: It’s branded. It’s fun. It has substantial value.

Business Betties | You're doing it right- Holiday Cheer Edition, Branding and Design Advice for Women Entrepreneurs


Hopefully this post sparked a few juicy ideas on how you can connect with your clients and colleagues during the holidays (or your birthday, or business anniversary). Tell us in the comments below how you plan on reaching out- is it email, a card, a gift, or some combination of the three?

If this email inspires you to do something this year, but you have no idea what, well, that’s what we’re here for. Send us an email and we’ll help you figure out the best way for you to spread your holiday cheer, and we can even design it for you! (That takes so much pressure off, doesn’t it?) Here’s what we did for our clients last year.